The Lake Murray Chamber of Commerce is proud to present “Ramble of the Tartans” to honor the The Tenth Anniversary of the Carolina British Classic Car Show. Ramble of the Tartans is a Road Rally to ride through the four counties of Lake Murray Country to give an even larger audience a chance to view these classic automotive treasures built in England.

Lake Murray was the staging area for the famous World War II Doolittle Raiders that went on to bomb Tokyo shortly after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

On the night of June 14, 1944 a squadron of B-25 Bombers took off from the Columbia Army Airbase on a practice bombing mission to “Bomb Island” in the middle of Lake Murray. Fog covered Bomb Island and the crews mistook the Saluda Traffic Circle lights for the target lights and bombed the Saluda Traffic Circle shortly before midnight. The Lake Murray Chamber of Commerce is currently raising funds to erect a Historical Marker at the Traffic Circle to commemorate the event.

From the Saluda Traffic Circle participants will take Hwy 391 thru Saluda County to Blacks Bridge on the upper end of the lake to the Lake House Pub & Grub. At this first stop participants will take a break to look at Classic Racing Boats that raced the waters of Lake Murray in the 40’s – 50’s and 60’s. From there participants will travel through Newberry County for a “Drive Through” of Billy Dreher Island State Park and a panoramic view of the lake. From there drivers will proceed past the Frayed Knot Marina to Chapin, SC following the signs to the second stop at the Historic Lorick Plantation House, which housesthe Lake Murray Museum and Tourism Center. Here drivers learn about the building of the Lake Murray Dam and the Doolittle Raiders WWII connection.

After the second stop, it’s the 1.6 mile drive across the Lake Murray Dam with a view of Columbia in the distance. Next take a left and drive down Corley Mill Road and back to the starting point at the Wingate Hotel. Estimated drive time is two hours.